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  1. How to teach balance to someone with diabetes in this diet-culture-crazed world?
  2. What Mindfulness Isn’t: Separating mindful eating from diet culture.
  3. Increasing your referrals - communicating the four critical times clients need to see you.
  4. Fostering a sense of belonging:  Understanding Diabetes Stigma, Distress, and Burnout
  5. Digging deeper: How diet and lifestyle impact blood sugar
  6. How to use Motivational Interviewing with Mindful Eating
  7. Diabetes Distress: Creating Space and Grace for Your Clients
  8. Top tips for talking about medication with your clients.
  9. Preventing problems with diabetes without promoting healthism and ableism.
  10. Getting providers on board: Making a case for your weight-inclusive services
  11. How mindful eating helps clients overcome internalized weight bias
  12. Essential tools to overcome shame associated with diabetes

This provides 12 CPE from The Commission of Dietetic Registration, CDR.

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