Inequity Systemically Harms
People with Diabetes

Inclusive Diabetes Care is joining The American Diabetes Association in addressing health inequity. Health inequity is obvious and widespread. It contributes to worse outcomes and a higher risk for diabetes and many other diseases while undermining the well-being of our most underserved communities.

Inclusive Diabetes Care is a weight-inclusive
professional health equity training program.

Grant seekers, grant writers, and grant funders,

You want a training program to help orient your staff, your community groups, and your clients.
You want to improve health equity for
people with and at risk of diabetes.

Increasing access to and utilization of diabetes education will require some out-of-the-box thinking. This is where Inclusive Diabetes Care can help. While the CDC reports, “DSMES has been shown to improve health outcomes and cost-effective and positively impact diabetes-related outcomes, utilization of DSMES services is suboptimal. In the United States, less than 5% of Medicare beneficiaries with diabetes and 6.8% of privately insured people with diagnosed diabetes have used DSMES services.”

You wondering how to energize your staff and offer professional training that communicates the complexity of inclusive diabetes care in an authentic and relatable way to everyone with or at risk of diabetes.

What would an effective patient-centered care approach look like? How can you shift your staff and professional training to address internalized oppression without reinforcing them? 

How can you discuss diabetes without glorifying extreme diets and privileged lifestyle options?

How can we increase access to diabetes without recommending or reinforcing the stigma associated with unsustainable dietary or lifestyle changes?

Inclusive DIabetes Care, IDC is the only professional training program focusing on health equity specifically for diabetes care. 

The IDC 12 modules are offered monthly and provide the needed solution.

  1. You need a way to communicate the complexity of inclusive diabetes care to your clients in an authentic and relatable way. Our Solution: Learn how to create programs, services, and resources that focus on five key feelings - belonging, ease, feeling seen and heard, nonjudgment, and support to discover and engage in wholesome self-care! This trauma-informed approach for staff helps rebuild trust in the healthcare system.
  2. You need a patient-centered way to address internalized weight bias and oppression without reinforcing them. Our Solution: Move beyond the headlines and see how mindfulness-based approaches to food and eating decrease internalized stigma and weight bias for people with or at risk of diabetes. 
  3. You need a way to talk about diabetes without glorifying extreme diets and privileged lifestyle options. Our Solution: Make diabetes easier to understand and helps clients see the value of balance eating, food and changes instead of extreme diets or unsustainable lifestyle changes by using The Four Factors of Diabetes™.
  4. You need a way to increase your referrals that doesn’t reinforce dieting or glorify unsustainable lifestyle changes. Our Solution: We help you develop systems, protocols, and resources that don't blame the client but focus on the four critical times when education, care, and services are needed.

Inclusive Diabetes Care’s monthly program gives you the needed solutions.

Now you don’t need to recreate the wheel when it comes to health equity.
Inclusive Diabetes Care
membership gives you the following:

  • Patient-centered and trauma-informed training
  • Organized monthly training that doesn’t overwhelm staff.
  • Live and recorded programs that provide flexibility for staff schedules
  • Quality training that provide needed professional education for healthcare professionals.
  • Weight-inclusive health equity education that reduces weight stigma.

Try before you buy!

Enroll in The Four Factors™ of Diabetes course for $24.99 and we will send you a membership coupon allowing you to enroll for $225.00! 

We agree with The American Diabetes Association Health Equity Bill of Rights which envisions a future without unjust health disparities. #healthequitynow