Mindful Eating Helps

Your client is crying. What do you say?  Your client is frustrated by dieting. How do you unpack unsustainable diets and plans?  Your client feels confused and conflicted by weight-centric care because, after years of dieting, they have come to accept and endorse derogatory and discriminatory cultural depictions of people who are classified as higher-weight/overweight (i.e., as irresponsible, gluttonous, and lazy).

You want to know what to do.  This course explains how mindfulness and mindful eating help. 

At The IDC, we want to help you accelerate your understanding.

Learn about the stigma your clients with diabetes are facing

  • Get solutions so it is easy to provide inclusive diabetes care.
  • Improve your client experience
  • Increase client engagement

Learn why stigma is part of diabetes care

  • Unpack key research about 7 forms of stigma.
  • Make your educational sessions less stressful. 
  • Discover how to come alongside clients with ease.
  • Learn about other professional experiences.
  • Share resources that you are currently using!

Case study 

  • Looks at these topics in a real-life context.
  • Work through problems that are specific to your clients
  • Provides a guided application to increase your learning. 

Included EMR Swipe file - 

  • It makes your documenting fasting easier
  • Having a swipe file makes charting easier and faster.

Performance Indicators

  • 9.3.5 Uses a variety of strategies to deliver education.
  •  9.2.3 Applies educational theories and uses assessment results for the planning process and development of materials and teaching aids.
  • 9.3.1 Critically reviews and selects materials from credible sources to support the development of diet and nutrition education resources.

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