While the Inclusive Diabetes Care Organization is a continuing education company we see our role as a listening company that offers the following vision and mission.

Vision: To decrease the disease burden for people with diabetes by addressing health inequity caused by the complex nature of weight bias and weight stigma, trauma, and oppression.

Mission: To promote health equity by providing a structured pathway that amplifies marginalized voices and creates a clear understanding of how oppression - weight stigma, trauma, disease, race, gender, or physical ability, impacts diabetes care.

The Inclusive Diabetes Care Pathway

The four essential tools you need to provide inclusive diabetes care are listed below!

  1. You need a way to communicate the complexity of inclusive diabetes care to your clients in an authentic and relatable way. Our Solution: Help your clients experience five key feelings - belonging, ease, feeling seen and heard, nonjudgment, and support to discover and engage in wholesome self-care!
  2. You need a patient-centered way to address internalized weight bias and oppression without reinforcing them. Our Solution: Provide you with simple and effective ways to use mindful eating to decrease internalized weight bias for people with or at risk of diabetes. 
  3. You need a way to teach diabetes without glorifying extreme diets and privileged lifestyle options. Our Solution: The Four Factors of Diabetes makes diabetes easier to understand and helps clients see the value of balance instead of extreme diets or unsustainable lifestyle changes.
  4. You need a way to increase your referrals that doesn’t reinforce dieting or glorify unsustainable lifestyle changes. Our Solution: Understand the four critical times when clients should talk with you. 

You can join any of our monthly training programs for $24.99 or become a member for $249 annually. These live programs will have 1 CPE from CDR. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected] or [email protected]