CDRs Critical Thinking Tool

Critical Thinking Evalutation Tool For Self-Study Programs Process

These questions must be completed by all practitioners upon completion of a self-study CPE product and returned to the provider prior to receiving a certificate of completion. A copy of this form should also be kept by the practitioner. Practitioners must have the form and the certificate in their files should they ever be audited. Failure to include both certificate and completed tool will result in a failed audit and loss of the CPE credit.

Carefully reflect upon the learning that has occurred as a result of the completion of the self study and answer the following questions that will be used to assess elements of essential critical thinking. Responses should be written in complete sentences and where appropriate refer to the relevant section of the self- study material.


  • Please download and print the Critical Thinking Tool
  • Answer the questions
  • Retain this with your certificate with your CDR records.

CDR Medication Certificate of Attendance 2020.pdf
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